From Over A Decade's Clinical Experience & Research....
Child Health Specialist, Educator and Author reveals the keys to creating improved health outcomes for children!
  • Create Optimal Health Outcomes, Physical, Emotional & Behavioural for Your Child & Watch Them Shine in all Areas of Their Life
  • Learn the Key Nutrition Principles You NEED to Know as a Parent That Will Set Your Kids up with the Foundations of Great Health
  • Uncover the Secrets & Tools Used by Child Health Specialists to Identify Health Issues & Create Lasting Health
  • Identify & Address Underlying Health Deficiencies That Can Lead to Dis-Ease
  • Boost Your Child's Immune System & See Them Thrive Throughout the Year
  • Discover the Right Foods to Keep in Your Pantry & Fridge to Nourish & Support Your Child
  • Create Delicious Meals, Snacks & Treats Your Children & Whole Family Will LOVE to Eat!
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Healthier Kids for a Healthier Future


Our health on a global scale is worse than ever, let alone our kids health!

We have a responsibility as parents to learn what we can in order to have a positive impact on the health of our children. Our children, after all, are the future!




If you could give your kids one gift in life, what would it be?

Fundamental to living an exceptional life is great health, and YOU can give it to them!

Research abounds declaring the state of health of our children today is declining. From a clinical perspective I am seeing dis-ease in kids that used to only be seen in much older people. Where will that leave us in the future?




We need to take back control of our own & our children's health & simplify NOT complicate the whole process.




With some key health fundamentals & nutrition principles under your belt you will be able to set the course of your child's health & see them benefit exponentially to improved levels of well-being & nutrition.

"Improved nutrition can mean better health in general, improved mood & well-being, stronger immunity, greater vitality & happier kids overall"!

Kids can only reach their full potential if they have the right help to get there, nutrition is the key to good health.




Allow your child to experience the level of health & happiness they were born to have & establish a solid foundation of good health they will enjoy their entire lives.


What You Need to Know to Support Your Child's Health & Well-being





Sadly we are not taught the skills we need to be able to look after our own health let alone the proper growth & development of another human being for whom we are entirely responsible.




We must understand some simple health & nutrition concepts in order to take the necessary steps to support & enhance the health of our children as well as recognising those things we are doing that are potentially harming or hindering their health and well-being.

Our current health model is flawed. There seems to be a "pill for every ill" so to speak.

The notions of:

"first do not harm"
"let thy medicine be thy food"

as pronounced by Hippocrates, the father of medicine

seem to be long gone......

The truth is, your local family doctor has received little or NO training in nutrition, & doesn't actually need to in order to become a doctor of

Turning our backs on the fundamental truth that "food is medicine" is no doubt at the heart of the epidemic of die-ease we are seeing in our children & indeed the entire population.

"Nourishing Your Child for Health & Happiness" has been written by Mother & Child Health Specialist Sally Gray after 15 years in the industry. Sally has used her Naturopathic and Nutrition expertise to create and run workshops entirley focused on achieving better health outcomes for children & families as well as contribute to countless publications.

This resource has been developed on the back of extensive clinical experience and watching these methods work for countless families & seeing the joy created in restoring the natural health & well-being that children deserve.

Here is exactly what you will learn:

  1. Introduction - what does good health really mean & how do I get it for myself & my children
  2. Nourishing Your Child - means more than just food
  3. Carbohydrates - completely demystified
  4. Proteins - the essential child body builder
  5. Fats - the critical nutrient that NEEDS to be understood
  6. How Oils Are Produced - could you be unknowingly harming your child
  7. Water - not just for swimming in
  8. Sugar - the latest research & the implications for your child's health
  9. Grains in the Diet - how much is good for your child?
  10. Organic vs Conventional Produce - the latest research & food for thought
  11. Kids Nutritional Requirements - the nitty gritty of your child's needs on a daily basis
  12. Tempting Fussy Eaters - taking the stress out of meal times AND boosting their nutrition status
  13. Baby's First Foods - the secret we should all know for the sake of healthy children
  14. Addressing Food Sensitivities - A Clinical Perspective
  15. GM Foods - understanding our food better for the future of our kids
  16. Food Additives to Avoid - toxins that are harming children
  17. Food Preparation - the best methods & a look at how much nutrition is maintained or lost
  18. A Word on Milk - the great debate & some great answers
  19. Pantry Essentials - the foods that create & improve health & the bare must haves in your home
  20. Fridge Essentials - items you need to prepare nourishing & nutrient packed meals & snacks
  21. Recipes - to delight every taste bud
  22. Tips to Boosting Nutrition & Flavour - if you only get one shot a day, your answer lies here
  23. Improving Your Favourite Recipes - make your favourites something you can enjoy more often
  24. Naturopathic Recommendations - what I have learned after 15 years in the health industry
  25. Where to Source the Best Foods - you just have to know where to look

At last......a resource is here that delivers the tools you need to keep your family truly healthy!

What is your child's health worth?

"Read What People Have Had to Say..."

"I had no idea the change in my kids would be so quick"
Karen, Perth WA

"So interesting, why are we not taught this stuff"
Victoria, Perth WA

"It took a few days for my daughter to be ok with the changes in her diet BUT she hasn't had a blocked nose since and her bad breath has gone"
Pia, Busselton WA

"When is the follow up course?"
Julie, Perth WA

"I have never felt so inspired, I immediately went home and cleaned out the pantry and fridge"
Linda, Perth WA

"Not only have my kids loved the food, my husband said he loves the new food I am making, why haven't I done it before?"
Fran, Perth WA

"As soon as I changed my son's breakfast to one of your recipes he stopped complaining of a sore tummy the very same day. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!"
Bronwyn, Perth WA

"My first encounter with Sally was through her health food shop in Dunsborough where we visited as a family for naturopathy and advice for our health and wellbeing. Since then I have had the opportunity to experience her courses and seek special advice and attention for my latest child who experienced a number of health issues since being born. The whole experience has been amazing for all of us as a family. I personally now have the experience and knowledge to treat my children naturally and provide them with the best health physically, emotionally and spiritually. It has been a very special journey for me personally and Sally is an inspirational teacher."
Sarah B, Yallingup WA


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